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The beaver is a large rodent which can weight up to 50 pounds. People residing in Arlington, WA know that the beaver is a common pest in this area. They tend to chew on wood as well as build their beaver dams. They are rather docile animals, but unfortunately, they can be considered a nuisance. This is when their dams end up causing flooding problems. Or in events when their chewing damages property and leads people wondering about beaver removal cost and finding beaver solutions or methods of beaver control.

Beavers are very industrious and smart animals. They can easily transform practically any freshwater environment in a habitat that suits their needs. But due to their persistence and adaptability, beaver control can be a bit difficult.

Beaver Control

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Pathfinder Wildlife has professionals that are fully prepared to humanely remove beavers from your property and find other beaver solutions for your pest problems. You can find beavers on your property by following a few signs.

If you spot any of the following things, they indicate beavers are in your vicinity or even in your home, and you need beaver removal services:

  • Slides or pathways
  • Beaver dams
  • Beaver lodges
  • Flooding
  • Girdled or damaged trees
  • Collapsed bank dens

If any beavers have built a dam near your location, they can cause flooding of irrigation systems, of waterways, of tree habitats and even your own home. It’s important to properly identify the signs we mentioned. And our team of professionals can do and proceed with beaver control, beaver removal or other beaver solutions in
Arlington, WA.

Beaver Removal Cost

beaver removal cost monroe wa

The most common disease that beavers carry is rabies. However, they can carry some other parasites that can be harmful to both animals and humans. Most of the time, people know beavers as a benefit to our own habitat. However, there are times when they can cause a lot of havoc. They can be problematic to both cities and to homeowners when they build their dams.

Give us a call today to get an estimate on the beaver removal cost and additional repairs to your home after the beavers have been removed.

If there are beavers on your property, they can also attract their own natural predators which can cause even more wildlife problems. These rodents have plenty of predators of their own, with the likes of coyotes, bobcats, bears, and wolves. But there’s no need to worry as our professionals are fully equipped to remove the beavers before their predators can catch up to their location.

Beaver Solutions

beaver solutions monroe wa

Our beaver removal services can help you with beaver control and beaver removal from anywhere in or near your home in many locations, including:

  • Monroe, WA
  • Granite Falls, WA
  • Lynnwood, WA
  • Snohomish County, WA

If you’ve been wondering whether you should just get a beaver trap and try to get rid of any beavers in your area yourself, we’d recommend avoiding going down that road. That’s because if you aren’t really sure about what you’re doing, you might end up trapping the wrong animal. Or the beaver might end up escaping from your trap and then avoid any other traps that you set, as they learn very quickly. And in the end, you might find yourself with more problems than you started with.

It’s best to call Pathfinder Wildlife Services and get the professionals to take care of the beaver removal and relocation of the animals. We can also recommend some ways for you to prevent from having the beavers return to your location in the future. So give us a call today and our professionals will solve all of your beaver problems in no time!

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