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Although birds tend to be nice pets and overall good animals, they tend to be some of the worst animal pests. And you’ll notice that this is especially true if you’re a commercial property owner. So, if you’ve found that birds have started living near your property, you may have started searching online for ‘Bird removal services near me’ or ‘Bird abatement services Everett, WA’. Or perhaps even more specific terms like ‘Pigeon removal cost’ or ‘Woodpecker removal services’.

Birds often roost on rafters, ledges, and signs of commercial buildings, which by itself isn’t too bad. But when you start thinking about the mess they make with their nests and droppings, it can become a problem. The bird droppings aren’t just an unpleasant image, but also a health risk. Your best bet for any bird removal services in Washington is Pathfinder Wildlife Services.

Pigeon Removal Cost

In recent times, pigeons have really become accustomed to living well in very urban environments. Most cities, big or small, are already full of flocks of pigeons. This is because they tend to associate humans with food sources and they’re not really afraid to flock closely to them.

Another thing they’re not afraid of is leaving their droppings anywhere they go, as well as their nesting materials. The materials they use to build their nests can clog drain pipes, vents and even cause fire hazards. Not to mention the various health risks they pose to both animals and humans. And not only that but their feathers easily contaminate the livestock feed and most food for human consumption. So, if you find any pigeons living near your property, it’s best to hire our bird removal services. Pathfinder Wildlife Services has professionals that are fully prepared to humanely remove any birds from your property.

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Birds, bats, and everything bigger than a rat!

Bird Abatement Services Everett, WA

bird abatement services everett wa

Remember there aren’t any absolutely effective repellents for bird removal that you can easily find on the market. There are plenty of products that you can buy and try for yourself. However, most of them are not that effective. So, if you keep looking for any ‘bird removal services near me’, you should give us a call and we’ll remove any kinds of birds that may be bothering you in your home.

We are professionals when it comes to the business of Washington bird removal and we guarantee that we’ll remove all birds and perform damage repair to your home. So forget about the ultrasonic sound emitters that promise to get rid of the birds in your area, and trust the experts to do the job.

Woodpecker Removal Services

woodpecker removal services granite falls wa

Our bird removal services can help you with woodpecker and pigeon control and kind of bird from anywhere near your home in many locations, including:

  • Snohomish, WA
  • Marysville, WA
  • Arlington, WA
  • Monroe, WA

Woodpeckers are mostly a nuisance when they start pecking on your property instead of a tree. This is because they are marking their territory, and buildings have better acoustics. Another reason could be because they’ve found insects nearby which is a food source for them. They are one of the major reasons local property owners look for bird removal services near me.

Meanwhile, pigeons tend to flock to barns or other places they’ve previously established as decent living locations. It’s practically impossible to remove them once they’ve decided to live in a certain spot, but our professionals know the best times and practices for this task. And we also offer damage repair services after the task is done!

It’s best to call Pathfinder Wildlife Services and get the professionals to take care of any bird removal services for Washington State. Give us a call today and our professionals will solve all of your bat problems in Everett, WA in no time!

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