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The squirrel tends to be a common pest in plenty of urban areas, especially in Monroe, WA. Their most common location inside a home is in the attic. But they can cause problems in other parts of the home as well. So, if you’ve been scouring online for ‘Squirrel removal near me’ or ‘Squirrel removal from attic’ or even ‘Squirrel removal service’, Pathfinder Wildlife Services is the expert in humane squirrel removal from your home.

These rodents come in plenty of shapes and sizes. But the most populous type of squirrel, that everyone is familiar with, is the Eastern Gray Squirrel. Like most other animal pests, squirrels have also adapted to our living habits and to humans as a whole. They have started using buildings as their nesting areas, especially the attics and eaves of homes.

Squirrel Removal From Attic

squirrel removal from attic stanwood wa

When building their homes, they’ll bring the nesting materials inside and make a lot of noise in the process. They can often enter the fireplace or fall down the chimney flue. Or they can even fall into a wall and get stuck in a spot. Our squirrel removal services are prepared for any squirrel removal from attic and to handle any of the squirrels that are living on your property.

In order to get into your home, they will find a small opening and then they will chew an even bigger hole so they can gain access. Not only that, aside from chewing on your home, they can chew on any cables they find, including power lines.

Our professional services can help you with squirrel removal from attic and perform a humane squirrel removal anywhere in your home in many Washington locations, including:

  • Everett, WA
  • Granite Falls, WA
  • Lynnwood, WA
  • Snohomish County, WA

And if you’ve been wondering “Is there a squirrel removal service near me?” now you know.

Squirrel Removal Near Me

squirrel removal near me stanwood wa

If you happen to be hearing strange sounds around your home when you’re the only one that’s around, you may have a squirrel problem. Even if the problem only started with a single squirrel, it can easily have young, which are almost fully grown after six weeks.

Then, they will need to wear down their teeth, and they do this by chewing and gnawing on various surfaces. This is how squirrels can cause plenty of damage to your home. They can chew on practically anything. From wood to piping, including lead and PVC piping and electrical wires. This can cause anything from a flood to water damage, fire hazards, and even electrical outages or surges in your home. You will need our help to put a stop to all that, with squirrel removal services near me.

Humane Squirrel Removal

humane squirrel removal stanwood wa

You should know that there are no easy ways or products that are going to get the squirrels to leave your home. There are plenty of gimmicks on the market, but we’d recommend our service for humane squirrel removal from your home as your best option.

Instead of spending your time finding ways to trap and remove the squirrels that are hidden in little nooks and crannies in your home, leave the professionals to do their job. Our company will do a complete job, all the way from the start, until the finish. And we use the best methods for squirrel removal from attic and anywhere else on your property.

We will inspect your home and remove any squirrels we will find. Then, we’ll identify and seal all the entrances they may use and repair any damages that the squirrels have done. And you’ll have your squirrel problem solved in no time. Give us a call today and solve your squirrel problem properly!

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